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Datanet Systems has a complete telepresence applications portfolio, from which it can implement and develop end to end integrated solutions, capable to respond of any organization’s needs and requirements.


Datanet Telepresence solutions can:

  •  Increase teamwork level efficiency;
  •  Optimization of mobile employees’ productive capacity;
  •  Improvement of the decisive process and increasing the decision making process;
  •  Cost reduction of transportation and operational spending;
  •  Improvement of customer interaction with partners and final clients;
  •  Development and promotion of new services to other prospects / clients;
  •  Systematic and modular expansion of systems architecture depending on equipment and / or already existent solutions and allocated budgets.

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Collaboration hub

Voice, text and e-mail applications work at the same time with the voice, video and audio applications, through web collaboration, in one single intuitive application.


Video collaboration integrated systems

These systems transform any room in a real meeting center, either if we are talking about the employees inside the company or the collaborators from other outside offices.


Accessible telepresence solutions

It optimizes costs and configures your own telepresence system, that can be accessed anywhere, for an efficient communication with clients.


Virtual collaboration systems

Telepresence solutions are easy to use from any device, increasing mobility and teamwork.


Flexible collaboration solutions

The systems are scalable and allow integration with different platforms, facilitating human interaction and learning process, making them fit to any business.


Viable solution characteristics

Easy interconnectivity between devices and terminal allow secure communication inside the same network.


Optimum communication, available anywhere, any time

A better communication emerges, by connecting the communication ways, where they were separated before, in one single experience created for the user.


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Datanet telepresence solutions ensure:
  •  User management flexibility;
  •  Easy to use interface;
  •  Simplification of information sharing procedures and native integration of collaborative work instruments.
  •  Data access security and protection;
  •  Centralized management tools;
  •  Enhanced interoperability with equipment and solutions from various vendors/ suppliers;
  •  Industry standards requirements;
  •  Strategy consolidation for business continuity;
  •  Coverage for a significant number of scenarios from various activity domains.
  •  Multiple licensing possibilities.

Datanet telepresence solutions are:
  •  Easy to use – the initiation of a session, resource allocation, information sharing, etc. don’t require advanced technical skills and / or IT department support.
  •  Easy to manage – the increase and / or decrease of the number of users, creating working groups, rights association, adding new functionalities, etc. It is made easy with centralized management tools and advanced automation capabilities;
  •  Expanded compatibility enables capitalization of the existing resources, gradual development keeps investment budgets in line and cost-control tools allow real-time monitoring of usage costs.

Why Datanet Systems?
  • Datanet Systems is one of the main system integrators from Romania, with solid competences in telepresence area, having an experience of over 10 years in this field and a dedicated team of specialists highly certificated. Datanet Systems has the necessary qualities of an integrator and the ability to envision clients’ needs and requirements into final solution, according to the existing budget limitations.


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