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- All the information on the website together with all components and web applications related to this website, collectively called Website, which can be visited, visualized or otherwise accessed through the use of electronic equipment;
- The content of any e-mail sent from Datanet Systems to Users by electronic means;
- The information communicated by phone or SMS by an employee / collaborator of Datanet Systems, User, according to the contact information.
Guest / Visitor  
- Any person or entity who visits, views or otherwise accesses through the use of electronic equipment the website.
- Any person or entity that has agreed on the terms of the Site Specific Terms and Conditions section.
The site content is intended for personal use without direct or indirect commercial purpose. The content is the exclusive property of Datanet Systems, to which all the rights obtained in this regard are solely being reserved. The visitor is not allowed to copy, store, modify, distribute, publish, transfer any title to third parties, to expose, include anyone, in the whole Content or in some parts, in any other context than the original one intended by Datanet Systems, removing the marks that represent copyright of Datanet Systems over the Content, to participate in transferring, selling or distribution of the produced materials by reproducing, modifying or displaying of Content, except with express written consent of Datanet Systems.
Any Content that the visitor has and / or gain access to by any means, it is subject to this document, if the content is not associated with a specific usage agreement concluded between Datanet Systems and the visitor, without any guarantee implicitly or explicitly formulated by Datanet Systems with reference to that Content.
By entering the personal information into Datanet Systems contact data base, the User acknowledges and gives his express consent, governed by the legislation entered into force, to be contacted by Datanet Systems and by its partners, service marketing and / or telemarketing suppliers.
According to the information or web assets exchanged through this website, the User agrees that Datanet Systems can utilize freely, for personal means, these information / assets transmitted by the User using the Website. Datanet Systems won’t be subject to any obligations referred to the privacy of the received information, if the legislation entered into force doesn’t testify other specifications on this regard.
Every time the User returns on this Website, he will check if the terms and conditions of using the website have been modified. If the User chooses to browse the website further, it means he implicitly agrees with the terms and conditions of using the website.
The User has the possibility to express his approval about receiving the Newsletter. The User can modify his option regarding this agreement any time, by accessing the unsubscribe link received from Datanet Systems. Unsubscribing the Newsletter doesn’t overrule the consent gave for the present document. 



According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and supplemented, Datanet Systems has the obligation to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data that one provides. The purpose of collecting data is to inform users concerning goods or services of Datanet Systems portfolio (i.e. commercials, marketing, advertising) for which the Users have requested receipt of additional information by filling in the forms within the website and sending regular newsletters, using electronic mail. By filling in personal data into one of the dedicated forms within the Website, the User declares and accepts unconditionally that his personal data is registered in Datanet Systems’ database and agrees expressly and unequivocally that all such personal data to be stored, used and processed according to the purpose stated above.
By reading this document you acknowledge that you are guaranteed the rights provided by law, namely the right to information, access to data, the right of intervention, the right to opposition, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to address to a court in case of rights violation guaranteed by the Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Based on a written, dated, signed and mailed notification sent to the address: No. 179, Splaiul Independentei, Building B Sector 5, Bucharest, 050 099, Romania, to the attention of Datanet Systems LLC, you can freely exercise these rights: 
- once a year, it is to confirm that personal data are processed or not; 
- to interfere about the data that has been transmitted; 
- to interpose against data processing for legitimate reasons relating to their particular situation; 
 - to demand for erasing the data, except from the situations restricted by law. 
Also, Datanet Systems can provides the personal data of users of other companies who are in partnerships, but only under a pledge of confidentiality from them and only for the purposes mentioned above, which guarantees that these data is kept secure and that the provision of personal information is required by law marketing service providers or telemarketing. Thus, to accomplish the purpose indicated above, some or all of your data mentioned above can be transferred to EU countries. In this regard, Datanet Systems takes all measures necessary to ensure that your personal data is adequately protected regardless of where they are transferred.  By submitting your personal information to Datanet Systems, you accept (to the extent that an agreement on your part is required by law)that your personal data: 
- is included in the database of Datanet Systems and that all such personal data to be stored, used and processed by Datanet Systems, including affiliates and collaborators for the development and / or conducting activities that fit the purposes of processing more above; 
- to be transferred by Datanet Systems both to affiliates and other / other entities in the country or abroad, according to the information above, for the development of these activities and their related marketing promotion and other activities related to them.