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Protect the environment!

WEEE is the fastest growing municipal solid waste streams, because the need to be in step with the technology is becoming higher, and companies invest significant amounts to continuously improve their IT infrastructure. In Europe, the amount of WEEE generated record growth of 3-5% per year, 3 times faster than the total waste flows.
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are a special category of waste, and the collection, treatment and recycling are important for several reasons:
- You can avoid environmental pollution with greenhouse gases or harmful heavy metals - about 70% of the toxic substances that reach the landfill from such equipment;
- Can recover significant quantities of secondary raw materials from WEEE as have a high degree of recycling-reuse (between 85-90%)
- Recycling reduces our dependence on natural resources (finite) and is an important part of creating a sustainable society.


The legislation
Romanian legislation obligate the EEE users not to dispose  WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and to collect this WEEE separately.
Datanet Systems comes in supports its customers by helping them to utilized the newest  technologies, to respect the low, and to protect the environment in the same time
In this way Datanet Systems encourages customers to collect WEEE separately and give them to collection points of Ecotic Organization.
The symbol for electrical and electronic equipment that is subject to separate collection is represented by a garbage bin with wheels, marked by two X-shaped lines, as shown below:
WEEE collection points can be found here https://www.ecotic.ro/puncte-de-colectare/
Datanet Systems is registered in the Register of marketing of electrical and electronic equipment, with registration number RO-2015-09-EEE-0476-IV and in the Register of marketing of battery and chargers, with registration number RO-2011-11-B&A-0400.
Citing sources: http://www.ecotic.ro/